Enjoy your life again!

Whether you're recovering from a crisis, needing direction in a difficult circumstance, healing from past hurts, or just want to feel like your life is worth living again, I can help. 

As a trusted provider of counseling services for over a decade, I give my clients a safe, non-judgmental place in which to explore their thoughts and feelings, so they can stop sabotaging themselves, draw new boundaries, or uncover a lie they've believed.  Often clients develop better insight into their motivations and discover the steps they can take towards creating the life they desire.

Does your mind, emotions, body or spirit need attentive care?  I can address issues from every angle, so you can enjoy a healthy, integrated life.   My goal is for each individual, couple or family to experience healing and make changes that will last. 

Your hope for a good life may seem small right now. But it will grow with every step you take towards it. So keep going! Your future is full of possibilities waiting to be pursued.

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You cannot abuse yourself into wholeness by shaming yourself. Only compassion heals.

A Recent Client writes:

I had been struggling with my weight all my life! I had tried almost every known diet out there. Through counseling, I learned so much about myself and the reasons why I had stayed heavy, (A MILLION thanks to Debbie!) By learning about emotional eating, I’ve been able to reverse the mindset that had kept me this way. To me, that is the greatest accomplishment!
— M.H., Naperville, IL