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Sometimes a fresh perspective changes how you see everything

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As a counselor, one of the most exciting things is for me is to hear a client say, "I never saw it like that before". Suddenly their world shifts before their eyes. Nothing has changed, but somehow everything looks different. Those are the kinds of moments I love to bring to an audience. I hear sighs of relief and see shoulders relax as people suddenly have new hope for the life they could have. I bring the perspectives God has taught me through real life experiences. My message as a speaker is the outgrowth of the life I live, because I believe before God can work through us, he must work in us. And he continues to work in me, a life-in-process. 

So whether it's a retreat, seminar or special event, my listeners are inspired to increase their joy by deepening their own connection to God, and see new possibilities for their future.

What You Might Want to Know About Me.

I present creative, insightful truths based on integrating a living, caring God with real life issues. I love to relate personally to audiences, not only sharing my own foibles and moments of brilliance, but revealing to them their own. My counseling practice has taught me that the things most personal are the things most universal, so when I address a group, I take the risk of being vulnerable.  People feel at ease hearing my stories and the lessons I've learned in the school of hard knocks, because they've lived them, too. Whether your venue is a seminar, church retreat, women's group, or professional class,  I can customize talks to fit your purposes. The topics listed are my most popular ones, based on the questions I'm asked most frequently in therapy sessions. Feel free to ask about the topic you want addressed.

Better Than Fair

"How could God let this happen to me? It's so unfair."

When life unravels and doesn't make sense, for a Christian it can be a real faith crisis. If you've done your best, prayed your heart out and God still hasn't made your life easier, there still is hope! Listeners discover genuine answers that give them steps for walking through their pain into new life.

Becoming Bold

"How can I believe I'm lovable when no one treats me that way?"

If you're still waiting for your real self to emerge, come and discover who you are when seen through the eyes of love. Then learn how to live out of respect for yourself to develop the life you deserve. 

Be Happy

"Isn't it risky to be happy?"

If old habits and ideas keep pulling you back, this seminar will teach you how to reprogram your emotional responses. You'll find it's much better to enjoy your life, risking defeat, than to live a defeated life.

October 2016 First Baptist Church of Geneva

October 2016 First Baptist Church of Geneva

I'm passionate about helping people live authentic lives of joy by better connecting with the One who knows them best.