10 Tips for Keeping Your Weight Off

So I was going to tell you about why "Sally's" habit of emotional eating was created, but then I decided, that it's more important to know your own story. (I'm just getting the hang of this blog thing.) So Let's skip to the end and look at how to keep weight off.

These are changes to aim for on the inside because if you want to permanently change what you DO, you have to change your WHO. By working on who you are, you naturally begin to do things differently. I hope there's something on this list that helps you.

1.     Want a better life for yourself enough to commit to not using food for emotional reasons. This will bring a lot of things to the surface, but getting support, staying committed to a plan, and seeing good results will encourage you to stay the course.

2.     When you find yourself acting solely to please someone else, catch yourself and realize you don’t have to be that person anymore. You can choose to comply or not. Think about your options and negotiate a decision that you feel satisfied with.

3.     To those people who treat you badly because of your size, find your voice. “Stop with your judgments.” “Stop with your pressuring me.”  “Don’t treat me like that.” (I’m sure you’ll think of something better.) It may not feel like you’re being nice, but you will be protecting what’s good.

4.     When you are tempted to emotionally eat, deal with the uncomfortable emotions.  First, just notice and identify them by name. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. It’s normal to feel frustrated, or angry, or jealous so don’t think of negative emotions as something bad in you.  They’re just a warning light that indicates when it’s time to check under the hood. If something isn’t right, reach out for help to get it fixed.

5.     Lead with curiosity not condemnation. Get to know yourself. When emotions come up, just be curious, “I wonder why I feel this way?” “Is how I’m seeing it the way it really is, or have my feelings distorted the truth?” “Is there something I can change so I don’t have to feel this way any more?” “Is there another explanation that’s possible?”

6.     Become more active in physical activities and let your body’s natural endorphins give you those good feelings.

7.     When you notice yourself feeling fearful of regaining the weight you’ve lost, change your self-talk.  Practice doing it until you’re good at saying and believing, “I’m here to live my life. I’m here to stand by myself no matter what I look like or what I weigh.” Don’t abandon yourself when you aren’t perfect.

8.     Work on resolving the issues that kept you stuck and do it in a way that is  authentic to your true self. Get to know that true self. Try new things. Look for a purpose you could serve that you feel passionate about. Don’t think you can’t pursue a good life just because of your size.

9.     Make friends with people who love you for who you are, and who also enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.

10. Take time to reflect and feel good about yourself and the life you’ve created.  When you’ve worked hard to change, enjoy reaping the rewards. One of those is that going back to your old way of life just doesn’t appeal any more.